Breath (Buch)

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Englische Übersetzung von „Atem“

Gebundenes Buch, 78 Seiten, englisch

ISBN 978-3-00-036470-9



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„If you aren’t consciously controlling the breath, who is it then who is breathing right now? You don’t think the breath, and you breathe nevertheless – action without active effort. Feel this activity. Be in connection with this activity. Experience being breathed again and again.“

With sympathetic directness, the spiritual teacher Daniel Hertlein reminds us of what is simply given to us, of what is alive in us. His spoken words inspire us to rediscover the wonder of life with every breath.

2 Bewertungen für Breath (Buch)

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    Experience or keep thinking about it?
    In a simple and easily understandable way for everyone, this book not only gives us an insight and at the same time a tangible understanding into the connection between traditional yogic practice and our everyday life . . . but rather – as a mere understanding can convey us – a western master, through his tangible and gently accompanying presence, gives us the key to an immediate personal experience.
    Without much whitewashing and philosophizing he directs our attention, with zen-like directness, continuously to the essential – again and again to ourselves.
    Whatever page of the book we are on, he always shows us the door to being alive.
    Through seemingly simple techniques, we are given access here that will remain eternally closed to our speculative and always-ready logic.
    So it is up to each individual to decide for himself whether and how far he wants to go – through the precisely instructed techniques – from an indifferent level of thought into the immediate liveliness of the present moment and consciously become a tangible part of life – breath for breath.

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    „No book and no teacher can give us what our breath can give us,“ writes Daniel Hertlein. The book is like a gate, a way to the divine, a loving hint. I gave it away as present and then bought it again. It’s like a cup of tea. You don’t really read the little book in one piece. One sip is enough and you put it aside with relish. I’m stranded on the famous desert island and I only have one book with me? Then please „breath“.

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